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Different applications of fiber laser cutting machines in eight industries

Application of MAGICK fiber laser cutting machine in 8 industry fields

Nowadays, many factories and enterprises keep pace with the times and use mechanical equipment to replace labor. In cutting, fiber laser cutting machine is a better "substitute". It has low cost and high work efficiency, which is better than traditional processing equipment much better. Magick Laser will introduce the different application industries of fiber laser cutting machine.

1. Sheet metal processing

In short, it can process all kinds of sheet metal, metal, stainless steel, alloy, carbon steel, etc., cutting a variety of different graphic parts. It can be said that the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines are incisively and vividly developed in this industry, especially large Large-scale processing plants are inseparable from fiber laser cutting machines.

2, Cabinet industry

The cabinet mentioned here is not the kind of wood, but the distribution box/cabinet, file cabinet, etc., metal, like these thin plates are produced in a standard cone, requiring high efficiency, then the four-station fiber laser cutting machine is used. The fiber laser cutting machine can also achieve double-layer cutting for specific plates.

3. Automobile industry

In automobile manufacturing, there are many corners that are difficult to handle, such as car doors, automobile exhaust pipes, etc. As a result, the fiber laser cutting machine is easy to handle and labor-saving, and the fiber laser cutting machine is dealing with corners or burrs. is very smooth. If manual work is used, the precision may not be achieved and the efficiency is also low. The fiber laser cutting machine equipped with a manipulator can be said to be very smooth in the processing of car corners.

4, Decoration industry

Due to the fast cutting speed and flexible cutting of the fiber laser cutting machine, it can quickly form complex patterns and graphics. In the laser cutting machine, the required materials can be directly cut out, which can be customized.

5. Advertising industry

For the advertising industry, customized design and production are often required. If the traditional method is used, the efficiency is too low. The fiber laser cutting machine is very suitable for this industry. No matter what kind of word or amount, it can be cut quickly. .

6. Kitchenware industry

The demand for housing has always been increasing, and related industries are also "rising", with more and more decorations, and more and more kitchen utensils are in demand. Then the fiber laser cutting machine is very suitable for cutting thin plates, stainless steel plates and alloy plates in kitchen utensils. The cutting speed is fast, the precision is high, and the effect is quite good. In the realization of customized and personalized products, it is deeply loved by kitchen utensils enthusiasts.

7, lighting industry

Nowadays, most of the mainstream lamps and lanterns use large tubes. Take the retro route lamps as an example. The requirements are very strict. There are many people who take this route. The traditional cutting method cannot meet these needs at all. The use of fiber laser cutting machine just solves these problems.

8, Fitness equipment

Fitness has become a hot topic nowadays, and the fitness equipment in the square with a general volume has developed rapidly, and the demand has almost increased, so the output is bound to catch up, and the fiber laser cutting machine is very large in the production process. To achieve fast and fast cutting, including some pipe cutting, Magick Laser's plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine can realize the simultaneous cutting of sheet metal and pipe.

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