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    Laser Engraving Machine



    CO2 laser engraving machine

    1) Perfect power supply system. The power supply system of the whole machine strictly conforms to international standards. The signal lines of different control power supply adopt separate wiring design, which is clean and tidy as a whole, avoiding electromagnetic interference between various signal lines.

    2) X and Y axis adopt high precision guide rail imported from Korea, which improves the precision of laser carving and cutting, and ensures the long-term effective and stable operation of laser machine.

    3) The 5mm thick aluminum alloy oxidation working platform ensures the level of the working platform and improves the accuracy of object carving.

    4) High precision drive motor. The X / Y axis adopts the imported motor driven by high-precision belt to improve the response speed and cutting and carving accuracy. It is more accurate and has longer service life than the brand motors used by other manufacturers.

    5) The latest manual rotary lifting system is fast and stable. Carving different thickness of materials, the height of the working platform can be freely adjusted. Using a focal length scale on the right side of the machine's work platform allows you to quickly determine the focus without using a manual scale to measure the distance from the laser head to the material.

    6) With the new CDW high efficiency CO2 laser tube, the 60W CO2 laser tube can reach the peak value of 75W. The laser beam is more stable, and the life of the laser tube can exceed 7000 hours.

    7) The red dot positioning is synchronized with the laser, making the operation more convenient.

    8) Water cooling control system. It can quickly cool the laser tube working at high temperature to ensure its stable power and high efficiency. Exclusive water free warning and automatic protection system, if there is no water or water flowing in the opposite direction, there will be no laser, which can effectively protect the service life of laser tube.

    9) Coreldarew or Ruida system can ensure that the carving and cutting task is completed at one time.

    10) Wide range of applications: advertising, office, packaging, gift, decoration, printing, to ensure that the accuracy is higher than similar products on the market.

    Control panel and main board

    It has its own carving and cutting system. No additional work software needs to be installed. -Multi language function. -It has the ability of intelligent selection of good working path for carving and cutting.

    X-Y plotter

    Taiwan HIWIN brand. -Linear square guide. High speed, high precision. Long service life.


    Stable transmission. Width 10 mm wear-resistant.

    Laser head

    The laser head can prevent contamination of the focusing lens. The laser head will produce the effect of carving and cutting

    Stepper motor

    High torque and low heat. Low operating noise. Stable operation.

    Sealed glass CO2 laser tube

    Longer service life. More stable. Higher efficiency. High accuracy. Small spot.

    focusing lenses

    The imported focusing lens has better focusing effect and can meet the needs of more subtle work.

    Stepper motor driver

    Smooth operation. Excellent high-speed performance. Self adjusting technology for optimum performance on different motors

    LED lamp

    In a darker space, it will help you a lot.

    Cooling-water machine

    It has better cooling effect, which will make the machine and laser tube have longer service life.

    Adapt to industry:

    Kitchen metal sheet cutting, advertising words, large format cutting, clothing proofing, leather industry, footwear industry, decoration industry, furniture industry, packaging and printing industry, model industry, arts and crafts industry, etc.

    Adaptive materials:

    Metal sheet, acrylic, plexiglass, glass, cloth, leather, paper, bamboo and wood products, film, canvas, etc.

    MDF paper plastic plexiglass plywood rubber wood other non metals